Change in address, not commitment! Here’s how we are winning over #WFH

The orchestra of the keyboards, the click of a mouse and the tick of a lighter, the opera of client meetings, the rhapsody of ideation, with a chorus of laughter! Close your eyes and imagine that. Can you picture yourself standing in an advertising agency? Because that’s what it sounds like on a typical day at UPPERCUT. It’s this symphony that gives our work a creative edge. However, if you had to step in our office right now, you would hear nothing more than the hum of the generator because our creative superheroes are staying home to save lives.

The nationwide lockdown announced by PM Narendra Modi is keeping people at home well and healthy, but the same cannot be said about the economy. The coronavirus pandemic is unfamiliar terrain for businesses. Industries need to innovate to survive the lockdown. Companies are being challenged on multiple levels and one of those is remote working. Remote working or popularly known as Work From Home is a test to most industry’s operational systems, and for creative agencies, it is unfamiliar terrain.

The challenge that stands before us is a steep mountain to climb; lucky for us, we love challenges and mountain climbing! A whole week has passed since we started working from home and our teamwork makes it seem like a cakewalk. (Honestly, cake walks are also not that easy. What if you skid on the icing? What if you get icing on your t-shirt? Who even came up with this metaphor? That’s a story for another blog) We practiced the cakewalks and used the first few days to test the waters and came up with a winning game plan. Here are some of the many things we have been practicing for smooth sailing.

1. Changing the name of the team:

There’s a lot that can be deduced from a name. We realized work from home sounds like a tedious process, like a toil that has no end, so we changed it! UPPERCUT no longer works from home, we create from home! Our servicing team serves from home, our copywriters knit stories from home, our designers play with design from home.

This brings about a more positive outlook in the minds of our geniuses making the work environment a happy one.

2. Giving a little extra space:

Although our creators have their own desks and dedicated areas calling them workspaces at home, we understand that they are juggling with a million other things as well. Be it cooker whistles, children’s scattered toys, TV in the background, boyfriends’ constant calls, random chores, or memes about coronavirus, we believe our creators need some space to breathe, to come up with top-notch content! Hence a little extra space gives room to a lot more ideas. It also enhances productivity levels!

3. Taking coordination to the next level:

Morning meetings are as important as morning coffee in an advertising agency. It’s the one time where the whole team gets together to plan on how to stir the day forward. (If you think it’s easily replaceable by a quick video call, try to get on a conference call with 35 people and make it ‘quick’, we’ll wait!) Zoom is our new meeting room! For all those who don’t have internet connections as strong as their coffee, we are taking teamwork to the next level by having a friend on call on speaker during the Zoom meeting.  We are being in touch virtually with Whatsapp, Zoom, Clickup and the traditional calls.

4. Focusing on quality:

Morning meetings usually produce a long list of tasks for every team member, but we have decided to take things a bit slow as we are working from home. We are helping brands navigate through these tough times, therefore we want to focus on delivering nothing but the best as always! Prioritizing and delegating works really helps us focus on quality in a time when it is more important than ever.

5. Making an extra effort to be nice:

The one thing no one tells you about remote working is that it is insanely frustrating. Texts can be misinterpreted and creative differences may crop up. In the time of the panic of a pandemic and lockdown, being nice is the best way to live through this. It’s a simple step to flatten the curve of rising tempers.

In conclusion, this lockdown is a test on how sustainable our work culture is. Although this test was out of the syllabus, we can say with full confidence that we’ll pass with distinction. Even as we work remotely and connect virtually the orchestra of the keyboards, the click of a mouse, the tick of a lighter, the opera of client meetings, the rhapsody of ideation, and the chorus of laughter still rings in our ears (no we don’t need to get it tested!). Because a change of address is not a change in commitment.