Keep your sanitizer close, and competition closer

Looks too familiar? Well, it actually is “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Sanitizer is a perfect substitute for friends, given the scenario. We sincerely hope you are keeping your bottle of sanitizer or bottles, if we may, close by. It has never been more imperative that we frequently use a sanitizer even in the safety of our home or the nearest grocery store. We hope you are staying indoors and making every day productive and entertaining like we are! All, whilst staying clean home, and safe!

Let us tell you a bit about how we are making our day productive. We stick to our deadlines and make sure we deliver to our clients the work of the best quality, on a silver tray! Yeah, there’s not much change there. Guilty! And we are entertaining ourselves with a plethora of things. Not to mention social media, we are also learning new things about ourselves and the world that has never occurred to us to do! Because we definitely wouldn’t concentrate on stretching that strained muscle or grabbing the bowl of greens or even applying tan pack to our tired faces, if we are at the office!

Why keep tabs on the competition

We are also doing a productive cum entertaining thing that has got us on our feet at all times lately. We don’t just scroll through social media but we skim it. This is because we would like to know what our competitors are up to. No, we don’t stalk them but we most sincerely learn and understand the market from this perspective. Because the best way to learn is to observe, they say. It is very important to know where you stand in the market and how you distinguish yourself.  So now comes into the picture, keeping competitors close.

A broad analysis is the key

Keeping a tab on your competitors in the market always gives you leverage over the same in the market. In a comprehensive and extensive analysis, you can have a better understanding and a clear idea of the patterns and the strategies your competitor usually deploys. Also, you make a reliable list of strong and weak competitors and work on your shortcomings and strategies and anything more. Also, make it a note to keep an eye over your competitor that is in the same product/service-oriented business as you are, or the closest one that is, in your line. We wouldn’t want to get clumsy with our strategies from our hard-worked competitor analysis.

On toes for a healthy competition

Keeping tabs on your competitors doesn’t mean you do everything in contrast to what they and make them feel that they are under scrutiny! You wouldn’t want to annoy them. It means you understand and gauge their moves and prepare better while giving a healthy competition, like a game of chess. This way, you can generate more cost-efficient and more efficient ways and win over the market someday, if you haven’t already. And who knows, you might end up merging with your best competitor and create some wonders!