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Digital Marketing trends to Look-out for in 2018

In 2018, digital marketing is going to play a vital role in brand building. From online shopping, artificial intelligence and machine learning to chat-bots and emerging trends in the banking sector, the essence of digital marketing is here to stay. We belong to the new age tech-world; where inspiring modern technology comes into the market every day. Brand builders, market masters, entrepreneurs and business wizzes should be aware of the constant changes in the world today to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities. Below is a list of trends to watch out for:

Smart Phones

With the rapid day by day increase in smart phone users, consumer marketing now has a new face catering to the online community. PCs and laptops are not as visible as before with mobiles becoming the easy way out. Mobiles are handy, convenient to carry around, easy to use and highly addictive. Social networking, online shopping and banking services are made easy to use with apps on smart phones. New and adaptable technology in the smart phone world will soon lead to changes in consumer behavior.

Voice Assistance

With smart phones comes voice assistance technology. It is becoming popular among users of all ages and becoming more convenient to get questions answered as well. Be it Siri, Google or Alexa, these voice assistance technologies have played a great role in changing the way users interact with their devices. It has also been a phenomenal success for developers in bringing voice assistance to the table and into devices we use every day. Most businesses and brands will need to understand the nitty-gritties of voice assistance and gradually spread awareness on how to use this technology to everyone’s advantage invariably helping the boom of digital marketing between sellers and buyers.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies have taken the world by a storm. After Apple integrated the AR into its devices last year, other smart phone tycoons and manufacturers have also started developing their own AR enabled devices. Virtual reality devices are widely available in the market, all thanks to the young generation that want to move miles ahead at a time when it comes to adopting new technology. Due to these devices, the user experience for movies, music, photos, videos, especially games has improved a lot. It’s very different from what it used to be and has quickly emerged as a life changing experience. Businesses will be required to focus on strategies like public interaction and engagement to understand and optimize the mobile experience for their consumers creating higher sales and profits as results.

Innovations in smart phone technologies have emerged as game changers for this fast moving industry with digital marketing aiding businesses all over the world. It has become more acceptable, adaptable and an affordable means for mass marketing. Brands who are looking to reach their full potential and emerge as trendsetters must look at innovative ways of using modern technology to reach out to their target audiences.