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Remember the Legend of Rocky balboa and Bill Conti’s signature tune that plays when Rocky hits the streets, yeah! Near the Philadelphia museum of art steps, what do you think of it, aren’t you exited watching him, it’s kinda inspiring right, and the funda is very simple, No victory is achieved on its D-Day, The victory is dreamed and planned on the day 1 when the Idea to do something sprouts in the minds.

In the game of Boxing, there is a magic that captivates the spectators, makes their heart beat pounding high and high. What is it all about? Do you think it comes from the innate human desire for the kill? How do we feel when we see a solid power punch delivered to hammer the opponent to floor? Do you feel pained or victorious? Do you think the sport of boxing very cruel and bloody or inspiring and thought provoking?

Advertising & Branding Agency

For generations people have fought hand-to-hand combats, bloody battles sometimes for the power and sometimes just for fun, or maybe even for love. Whatever be the reason, a combat was and will always be a part of human activity, combats like Modern-day boxing are very safe and are evolved sports, in boxing there is pain, but there is also gain.

Modern day boxing is not restricted to Boxing matches, we can draw parallels everywhere, be it politics, media or market everywhere we can see boxing bouts and Knockouts, for instance, Take Advertising an Advertising campaign is nothing short of a boxing match. It has all the elements, planning the punch – making a rightful impact – review the opponent’s strength – make changes accordingly – delivering knockout punches – walking away with the fame.