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Serve your negative reviewers the way you serve coffee: With extra sugar and on the go!

With the way the internet and social media have become an important part of our lives, it has also become a huge driving force for a lot of businesses. This is why brands and companies pay attention to their online reputation. Around 88% of consumers are drawn to business after looking at online reviews. It doesn’t need to be said out loud but positive reviews do matter a lot in the current age, where most of our transactions are conducted online.

But there are some negative reviews that may hurt a business or a service. This is where Online Reputation Management can be of help in tackling bad reviews and maintaining the reputation of a business or a service provider. From maintaining client relationships to building brand interactions and keeping them going, here’s how ORM services can come into play:

Maintaining Positivity

One of the most important aspects of ORM is to get customers to share a review, as reviews help drive up organic traffic by up to 50%. A call to action helps the consumers post a review quicker, and without any hassle. This also portrays the fact that the company actually cares about what its audience thinks and maintains a positive reputation on the web, which is very important in an era like this when people spend a lot of time looking at reviews and recommendations before buying anything or approaching a service provider.

Getting Rid of Negativity

When a negative customer review is posted, it has a high potential to ruin the reputation of the company. It is now the ORM’s job to contact the dissatisfied customer and understand where the problem lies. If the customer has a genuine complaint, the ORM then helps them get a better experience out of the business and then gets the negative feedback removed by the said customer. Sometimes, the consumer replaces this negative review with glowing feedback and could go on to recommend this business to the people in his/her circle.

Building Trust

An overall positive review helps build trust in existing customers and gives faith in the business to potential clients. The ultimate goal is to replace all the negativity with some positivity as a part of your social media campaign or even your brand building exercise. When a customer notices that other people with the same requirements have been satisfied with a business, it motivates them to approach the brand or service giver without any inhibitions.

Troll Removal

Let’s admit it, there are tons of trolls out there on the internet who are just spreading negativity for no reason. A good ORM identifies these trolls and gets their reviews/comments removed. Some good old fashioned trolling can be fun but not when it affects the reputation of a brand, because, in the online world, reviews and ratings are all that matter.

In conclusion, building and maintaining an online reputation for a brand or a business might not seem like that big of a deal, but it truly has the potential to make or break things. Getting Online Reputation Management Services from an experienced provider or a Best agency can push your organic growth and build an aura of positivity around the way your business is conducted.