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UPPERCUT’S Top 10 Awesome and Effective Branding Trends of 2020

Whoever said that change is the most constant thing must’ve been a marketer because the industry is fueled by change. Change is what evolved the market into what it is today. With the evolving strategies and accelerating growth, keeping up with trends is the most important thing for every brand. Branding trends are important not just for bringing out the best in the brand but also to stay on top of the competition. Here are the top 10 amazing branding trends of 2020;

1. Minimal design for maximum impact

Welcome to the new branding age where less is more and more is too much. Minimalism has been around for over 5 years now but brands are taking it up a notch with a clean design and bright bold colours that grab eyeballs immediately. An increasing number of branding agencies are leveraging these trends for higher consumer recall.

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2. Data is taking the driver’s seat

Data-driven branding is proving to be an optimal solution for growing brands.  The eve of the new year 2020 saw a boom of videos summing up 2019 with data, data, and data. Infographics have been used in the past to represent numbers in pleasing visuals but in 2020, data representation is going to be a key element used to generate trust.

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3. Engagement forms lasting connections

While content is king, engaging content is the crown. Engaging content is especially thriving in platforms like Instagram and Linkedin. In 2020, brands need to scale engagement in order to create lasting connections with the audience. This is important because social media audience can be future consumers and adding value to their experience with interaction and can bring the brand closer to them.

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4. Expanding of the influencer network

Influencer Marketing is a blend of old and new ways of marketing. With the combination of celebrity endorsement and social media branding, influencer marketing is the fastest growing trend of 2020. It is a modern-day content-driven campaign that helps brands penetrate into niche markets. This form of marketing is going to expand this year paving way for more conversations and conversions.

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5. Fit and flexible logos

Gone are the days of complex and layered logos! This decade is going to transform how we look at logos with the growing trends of simplistic logos. Apart from being simplistic, these logos are also flexible. This means that they are adaptable to any type of placement. Logo branding agencies also focus on its application and use it through meticulously created branding guidelines.


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6. Upgrading the gradient game

Colour gradients on logos are also making a subtle shift in 2020. These gradients are usually used for app-based brands and are giving the overall image a smart outlook. Previously, gradients had a deep contrast in their colour selection with a very clear flow of the colour transformation. Now, the gradients are a blend of shades that are very close on the colour wheel giving it a very classy look.


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7. Going from hush-tags to hashtags

The power of hashtags is no longer hushed and written in subtext but is out there for everyone to see. The hashtags have made a significant mark in all types of marketing and promotional activities online and offline. These are not limited to social media posts of brands but also movie promotions and PSA initiatives.


8. Cross over to the dark side

The dark mode is the latest tech and design trend that has boomed since Instagram updated the feature on their app. This trend is on the rise surprisingly not because of the chic of black but because of science. Not only does the dark mode help in conserving the phone battery by making the screen pixels fire a little less bright, but also reduces eye strain for users.

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9. Invisible money has a visible impact

Users are constantly looking for value. This value enhances their interaction with the brands and makes them happy for the time or money they have spent has a bonus return on investments. This ROI is not invisible money, aka rewards. This 2020 trend is going to change the future of sales since every e-commerce site and the app is adapting to this method.

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10. Abstract storytelling through illustrations

They say images speak a thousand words but illustrations speak a thousand more. There has been a boom of abstract illustrations that depict the topic the brand wants to talk about, so perfectly. These abstract illustrations have become a popular choice by startup branding agencies for many websites while several others are leveraging them in their social media.

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11. Higher volume of inclusivity

Discrimination in ads is a notion of the past, and so is the name-sake representation of culture. An increasing number of brands are looking to create not just a diverse image for themselves but also an inclusive one. This ideology resonates with consumers all over the world and gives the brand a heightened persona.

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As we move into the next decade, these few trends determine the difference between a good brand and a great brand. Brands are evolving to become simpler, more genuine, and more human-centric.