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I know your answer would be a big Yes (I trust you Completely) But have you ever thought about that race, do you know why it is being included in the modern day Olympics, what is the excitement of watching such a race, how does it ignite us from with-in.

Join me on a tiny time travel, to know little about these pondering questions, let our time machine take us to the summer Olympics of 1896, (the first modern day Olympics) here the buzz is all about two male athletes one Mr Tom Curtis from America and the other one is from Great Britain Mr Goulding.

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These two athletes participated in the 110 meter high hurdles race, this particular race turned into a personal race between these two, at the start Curtis gained a small lead, but Goulding reached him at the first hurdle. And by the last hurdle, Goulding was leading, but Curtis managed to throw himself to the line first. Both athletes had a time of 17.6 seconds but the officials stated that Curtis had won by 5 centimetres.

Thomas Curtis was the winner of 110 meters high hurdles in first modern day Olympics. He secured a place in history of that sport by a lead of just 5 centimetres.

What a lesson for life. ‘victory is won not in miles but in inches – win a little now, hold your ground and later win a little more.’ This “Mantra” holds so aptly for advertising too.

We at Uppercut Creatives firmly believe in this mantra, we are not in any mad race, we are running a great Olympic race (we piously value Advertising) we value each and every step that takes us and clientele, close to the victory line, we believe in succeeding today and tomorrow and day after too…

We are aware of the hurdles that trouble any business firm, and we believe in leaping through them convincingly.

The ultimate purpose of any business firm is to grow in a healthy manner, it must be financially rewarding and accomplishing too, Uppercut Creatives treat our clientele like Olympic Champions and we wish to prize them with Olive wreath of success with our unique and successful Ad Campaigns.